zusb flash drive recommendations :
Please be sure no computer virus otherwise it will destroy the usb flash drive’s program in building.Unnecessarily please don’t plug in or pull out directly.You should remove the USB in safe and then pull out usb flash drive.If you don’t do this ,it will affect the service life of usb flash drive. Please backup the important files yourself .

Please don’t cut to transfer files and you’d better copy the files.IT’S a good habit for you of data backup.The data loss might be caused by the following aspects including suddenly loses power, power supply instability,abnormal pull plug,delete by mistaken,error formatted,virus destructed,static shock bad,encryption and permissions,firmware upgrades ,electromagnetic interference and so on.


usb flash drive form is very simple.It is formed of the shell and the movement.
1.Movement:The movement include a PCB+USB control chip ,crystals ,SMD resistor,capacitor ,USB,SMD led(not all USB) and FLASH chips.

2. The shell:according to the material classification,there are plastic usb flash drive,bamboo usb flash drive and wood usb flash drive ,metal usb flash drive,leather usb flash drive,silicone usb flash drive,PVC usb flash drive,etc;Classified by style,cards,pen type,mini,cartoon,commerce,simulation,etc;According to the function,such as encryption,anti-virus,waterproof,intelligence.

3.Some special shape USB flash drive,will specialize production of specific package.Compared with other portable storage device(especially a floppy disk),flash drives have many advantage:for little space,usually operate faster(USB1.1,usb2.0,usb3.0),it can store more data and possibly more reliable(since there is no mechanical equipment),and be off in reading and writing and won’t damage the hardware(floppy disconnect immediately damaged during reading and writing),will only lose data.The type of disk use USB to storage devices.

lipstick usb flash drive