The UDP module (black colloid) description:
UDP module is the PIP encapsulation technology of U disk semi-finished modules, directly coupled with shell, is the finished product usb key. It has the following features: waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. One WAFER packaging technology is thin, light, fashion. Product assembly is convenient and simple. Product standardization, which is suitable for customers doing all kinds of mould design on the basis. UDP module + shell = U disk Since UDP modules are small, they can facilitate the design of various kinds of shell, and simple assembly, basic without welding and they can greatly increase the production capacity, reduce the U disk production cost. PIP is the abbreviation of integrated packaging technology. The technology integration of the PCB board assembly and semiconductor packaging production process, using the technology will small parts storage products need directly encapsulation and the formation of a complete flash memory card products. They can make the digital storage of new products to achieve complete waterproof, high temperature resistant, resistant to the effect of high pressure, fast reading and writing.In various harD environment they can still normal use and make more secure and reliable data for preservation. The technology is mainly used in the digital memory card, such as: the UDP module, SD card, MMC card, etc. For consumers, the technical advantages of direct consequences of PIP is very clear: the memory card of large capacity, high read/write speed, strong and durable, resistance to pressure is put 50 Newton), strong waterproof, antistatic, high temperature resistant, and many other advantages to set at a suit, is absolutely clan in the digital memory card of choice. The emergence of the personage inside course of study analysis, integration of encapsulation technology lead to breakthrough the encapsulation technology of digital storage products, it may very well become the mainstream of small memory card packaging technology.


1, quality assurance, no fake On most of the memory card pieces are basically to purchase by manufacturer who pack them in good flash memory chips, again after welding on the base board made from two pieces of plastic plate ultrasonic sealing, finally adopt the way of sticking label paper as identified. This way, it’s easy to let the counterfeiters checkers, for example, they can change the label paper, can open the plastic board in order to replace the internal flash memory chips, or counterfeit goods directly the brand label and so on, make consumers suffer. PIP encapsulation memory card from the most primitive wafer purchase, and then use PIP packaging technology to all parts of disposable packaging,.Card without a gap, if you want to copy Kingmax special PIP encapsulation technology, at the very least investment is in more than 100 million yuan into the threshold of the BGA encapsulation, make some counterfeiters can only retreat, that is the main reason that Kingmax memory card had no fakes.

2, long service life, save electricity and energy saving of the PIP packaging technology used Kingmax products, with its global exclusive patent TinyBGA technology in the field of memory, will be completely enclosed in the internal working components, working components are not subject to the external dust sundry erosion, will not be affected by daylight, etc, reduce the product loss from the packaging technology, improve the service life of products. In addition with DSLC technology, make the memory card to life over 100000 times, far more than the life of the general memory card on the market at present, and DSLC saves the electricity than ordinary MLC technology.

3, waterproof usb flash dirve thermal compression, challenge the limit for consumers, PIP package storage card in a waterproof, high temperature and pressure but also has unique feature. Because of the memory card is completely closed, when fell into the water, data is not lost because water can’t damage work elements.Encapsulation layer adopts unique material, in terms of insulation and compression bending made full consideration. According to the test results, the PIP encapsulation technology of cool usb drives, in the 100 – degree water will not lose data, and can withstand the weight of a truck.

4, colorful, visual enjoyment, taking advantage of the PIP packaging technology and characteristics of the can U disk into any desired pattern, so sharp U disk also has a very unique style, and created colorful cute flash drives and it is the first in the initiative.