1, why USB custom flash drives is less than with the capacity of the actual use capacity?
Answer: l gigabyte (BG) = 1 billion Bytes, in the operating system, may show of 1 billion Bytes / 1024/1024/1024 = 0.93 G, this is mainly because custom usb disk calculation standard do not agree with the calculation of operating system, (the) standard is all manufacturers use the custom usb flash drives
itself had a part (1 ~ 3%) storage may be reserved for the purpose of the firmware and protection.

2, why is no reaction when my usb memory  inserted on the computer?
Answer: in normal the computer will automatically install the driver, such as unrecognized please shut down your computer’s firewall, antivirus software and try again. If it can’t solve please contact online customer service. The customer can provide professional guide service in order to make sure that you can be normaliy use the equipment.

3, about the compatibility of the usb pen Answer:
A, please make sure that usb flash disk connected with the equipment is normal,
B, please confirm whether you use the equipment to support the capacity of usb and the corresponding file system;
C, please make sure your usb flashdrive if the file can be equipment support;
D, use different devices on the market of the master plan is different, there may be a compatibility problem.

4,Is a storage device in computer no reaction or take a long time to identify?
Answer: the case could be memory stick usb without plug or computer USB interface voltage is not enough, you can change other USB interface to try (desktop can use case at the back of the USB interface test), if in a few interface or on another computer could not identify, it’s probably an usb flash disk damage, need repair.